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Child Custody and Visitation

Child custody refers to the legal guardianship involved in a divorce case. In Georgia, there are two forms—legal custody and physical custody.

When deciding issues regarding child custody, family law court in Georgia will place paramount emphasis on the best interests of the child and the environment that will provide the most stability. 

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Child Support & Modification

In 2007, Georgia’s child support guidelines changed significantly. Where previously only the income of the parent paying support was ostensibly considered, the new law takes into account the combined income of both parents, along with the number of children to be supported, in determining the child support obligation.

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Establishing paternity gives a court the power to enforce a father’s duty to support a child financially, while legitimation gives a child the right to inherit from a father, as well as the right to obtain family medical history on the father’s side, and the right to placement in the home of the father or the father’s relative in the event that the mother becomes unable to care for the child.

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