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Bankruptcy Chapter 7

Bankruptcy Chapter 7 - Savannah, GA

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File Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

When you file bankruptcy Chapter 7, your creditors and collection agencies are required to make all collection efforts through your legal representative. Jeffrey S. Hanna provides knowledgeable advice and legal guidance for each and every client struggling with financial difficulties. As an experienced personal bankruptcy attorney, he is fully versed in the Bankruptcy Code, including Chapter 7 requirements and Chapter 7 exemptions. Through his many years as a personal bankruptcy lawyer, Mr. Hanna can help you navigate the often confusing legalities of this type of bankruptcy. He will answer all of your questions and concerns respectfully, file all paperwork and ensure that all of your creditors are dealt with professionally. Best of all, by filing through the Law Office of Jeffrey S. Hanna, you will no longer be harassed by your creditors. Protect your home and your assets by calling 912-233-6515 today and ask about Chapter 7.

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We walk you through each aspect of Bankruptcy Chapter 7, including:

• Explaining the background of Chapter 7 • Checking your filing eligibility • Explaining how it works
• Outlining the role of the Chapter 7 trustee • Finalizing the discharge

When dealing with harassing creditors that are threatening you with foreclosure, repossession and wage garnishment, don’t hesitate another minute. Call the Law Office of Jeffrey S. Hanna today at 912-233-6515. When you act quickly by calling an experienced Chapter 7 bankruptcy attorney then you can put an end to all of the threats and harassment and sleep soundly at night knowing that you are part of a team dedicated to helping you maintain your home, your possessions and your dignity. Banks will move quickly to begin foreclosure and repossession processes, so don’t delay in choosing an experienced personal bankruptcy lawyer to fight for your rights. Jeffrey S. Hanna is the only Georgia bankruptcy attorney you need! Let the Law Office of Jeffrey S. Hanna work to protect everything you’ve worked so hard for. Find out if Chapter 7 bankruptcy is right for your situation by calling 912-233-6515 today.

Stop the harassment and call Jeffrey Hanna today at 912-233-6515.

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